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Meet Scott


Ray B.

It’s almost impossible to put into words how much Scott’s presence in my life means to me. I am a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser. Scott has taught me that there is nothing wrong with me. I have overcome many mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges, and he has supported me every step of the way. His gifts...are immeasurable, and he is a safe space, personified. Everyone needs a Scott in their life!

Ryan V.

Scott is a superior listener, attentive and giving, with a heartfelt care and authentic interest in other people. His years of teaching have sharpened his senses to quickly assess a person's strengths, as well as their capacity for profound growth...Scott cultivates the seeds of the soul, encouraging a person to bloom into their truest selves. Over the years, Scott has been a steadfast, nurturing mentor to me. The most reliable of listening ears. He will be the same for you, just as well.

Barbara L.

Just as I reached a time of life when I expected to spend more of my energy on what matters most instead of material concerns, I found that all the crazy in the world was making me feel anxious and overwhelmed. My coaching sessions with Scott help me quell the noise and return to a place where I feel centered, calm, and focused. He has a keen intuition, a talent for deep listening, and a way of guiding me to a-ha moments—those little flashes of truth that bring me back to myself.

Dar'Jon B.

"The advice and love I received from Scott is just what was needed to continue to move on. I was in a major shift in my life and didn't know how to properly deal with it until Scott talked with me and guided me with ideas and ways to continue forward. He gives you a perspective that is understanding, and almost like you were talking to yourself in the mirror...I would gladly work with him multiple times."

Joe M.

"Scott is a master at creating a safe space to explore truth. He helped me realize the freedom involved in clear boundary setting. Scott has a wonderful way of weaving his deep wisdom with his many years of specialized training. If you are a truth-seeker interested in next-level growth, I highly recommend giving Scott a call."

Karen O.

"Scott is one of those rare gems...he can BE with you, reminding you of your interconnectedness to all things, to your own inner gifts, your own lovability - by just his presence, as well as by his exquisite mirroring. He reflects back to you who you truly are, even when you lose sight of that yourself. I have worked in the field of holistic healing and transformation for over twenty years...Scott is the diamond...that you hardly ever find."

Adina B.

"I have had the privilege of working with Scott Plate for over 25 years. As teacher, life coach, and colleague, he accesses a powerful combination of deep empathy and great skill. With incisive understanding and an endless well of creativity, Scott empowers others to become the very best versions of themselves."

David S.

"It is without question my life became significantly more complete after having the fortune of working
with Scott. Throughout our time together, Scott helped me advance my confidence as a professional, and
my inner strength as a human being."

Lacey K.

"Scott offers a heart-centered, intuitive coaching style to support his clients along their personal journeys. He provides individualized and practical strategies...while empowering clients to take action and assume accountability...I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to any person seeking to maximize their potential in the spirit of authenticity and intentionality."

David G.

"We all hope that we find those we need in our lives at the time we need them. Scott was that mentor for me.  Scott works with the Human. Had I not worked with him, I doubt very much I would be where I am today. I still apply his methods, and it brings great comfort knowing I’m armed with tools to help me be my full self."

Christine H.

"Working with Scott Plate was, quite literally, a series of revelations."

Cathy A.

Scott is a truly empathetic person.  I have worked with him and seen his work with others, and what emerges is a truly compassionate and insightful human being.  I would willingly and eagerly embrace an opportunity to work with him again.

Anjanette H.

"Scott is a natural mentor...kind and curious, and he always finds a way to inspire with a perspective that you've never considered before.  His mentorship always comes with a deep understanding of who you are and how you relate to the world. His unique and almost spiritual perspective guides you to your own volition.  Scott Plate is a master life coach."

Laura P.

"His clear guidance, facility for enlightened communication, his empathy and ability to hold space with you as you find your own way, has brought me to a higher level of awareness and growth I couldn’t have achieved alone. It’s why I keep coming back!"

Mitchell F.

"His insistence on authenticity, his gracious concern for my welfare, made working with him pure joy."

Malik V.

"Scott is grace personified. His intuitive nature is truly a gift, and I am so grateful he created space for me to thrive in my takes an extraordinary person to excel at leading others back to their soul, and Scott does this with humility and respect for all. I highly recommend working with him!"

Nyla W.

"Scott was a refuge of maturity and encouragement. He has such a respect for individual artistic expression and really encouraged me to be my most authentic self at all times. There is rare safety with him that I still cherish to this day and you deserve to experience."